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Children’s Community Center, affectionately known as “CCC”, was established in 1975 for the express purpose of providing quality early education and childcare to young children to help them develop positive attitudes about self and others, enabling them to function responsibly and happily in society.

Our dedicated staff genuinely cares about each child as a unique individual.  Our programs helps each child develop to his/her highest potential, regardless of race, color, ethnic origin or intellectual potential.

Facilitiesbig_out3.JPG (click to view photos)

• We have a locked secure building

• Eighteen bright and sunny classrooms

• Two indoor age appropriate gross motor rooms:
- Infant and toddler gym with bright colored soft climbers, developmentally appropriate loft play area, and a variety of riding toys.

- Expansive larger gym for older children which contains mats for exercising, wooden and plastic climber, and an ample size loft.

• Four large fenced outdoor play areas:outdoor_theater.JPG
- Infant play area provides grassy play experience with swing and canopy shaded Soft-Tile patio
- Grassy toddler play area with Soft-Tile track for bikes and numberous play climbers
- Larger grassy area with two wooden play structures, a large play house and sandboxes.

• Two-acre nature center contains walking paths through wetlands, woodlands and prairies for outdoor adventures. [back to top]


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All staff are fully state certified, most have education well beyond the minumum certifications including associate and bachelor degrees in Early Childhood Education.

All staff are Red Cross certified in CPR and AED.

We also enjoy longevity with our staff. Many of our teachers have been with us 5, 10, 20 years and longer. [back to top]


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CCC charges on an hourly rate basis in 15 minute increments. 

Rates as of 9.1.2017

$7.30 per hour for infants and toddlers through age 2 1/2
$6.30 per hour for children over 2 1/2 years of age 

This includes a morning and afternoon snack with 100% juice.  We provide 2% milk for lunch.

A Hot Lunch program is available, catered by Aldo's in Germantown.  The cost for a hot lunch is $2.85 per meal. 



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Educational Policy

It is the responsibility of the staff to program to the individual needs of each child, understanding the levels of functioning and the expected progressions according to developmental sequences in all areas of learning based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

A.  Programming shall be geared to insure the child's success.

Children learn through personal involvement and interaction with his/her environment.

Children develop a positive image and feelings of self-worth by successful accomplishments along with proper, positive feedback from the teacher.

B.     Curriculum development is the responsibility of each teacher.  The director shall oversee the planning of that curriculum on a weekly basis.

C.     Curriculum is theme-based.  

D.    The structured teacher planned developmental educational program operates daily from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. A morning and afternoon snack is provided and lunch is served at 12:00 (Toddlers lunch is served at 11:00 a.m.)  A ½ hour gross-motor outdoor experience isincluded during the pre-school hours.  A printed daily schedule is posted in each classroom.

***Infants function on a self-based individual schedule.

E.     Opportunities for social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative and intellectual growth are provided for within our daily curriculum.

F.      Children's Community Center has an open door policy.  Parents are able to communicate with teachers on a daily basis.  A newsletter with center and classroom information is published monthly on our website.  Other information is posted outside of classrooms.

G.    Transitions within the daily program will be handled with as little wait-time as possible.  Teacher directed activities - songs, finger plays, stories and games will keep children involved.

H.    Before and After School Programming: Bussing is available to and from Menomonee Falls elementary schools, including St. Mary's Parish School. Homework help, free choice activity and gross motor activities are incorporated into each day.

I.      Programming focus for Infants/Toddlers:   Staff has been specifically trained to enhance the development of infants and toddlers through loving, individualized care giving.  Opportunities for growth in all developmental areas-physical, emotional, social, language/cognitive, gross and fine motor - are provided by high quality, dedicated staff members. 

J.      Our outdoor play space consists of three separate fenced in play areas.

1.     Our infant play area has low age appropriate climbing structures, double swing and a large boat for water play.  It is accessible from all three infant classrooms.

2.      Our toddler play area is divided.  The first area is equipped with age appropriate climbing structures, large, grassy running area, push and pull toys, sand play area and padded riding track with ride-on toys.  These play areas are internally accessible.  The second area contains two smaller sand play areas as well as a wooden, toddler-size climbing structure.  Both areas have sun shade provided by a sun canopy and mature trees.

3.      The age three and older play area is located behind our school.  The fenced in area is attached to our building with two hallway accessibility.  There are two wooden climbing structures. Also available in our fenced in area are two large sand play areas, a basketball hoop, sun shelter barn and mature shade trees. There is a large, grassy area perfect for organized games or unstructured gross motor activities. 

4.      We have a beautiful, 2-acre Nature Center at the back of our building outside of our fenced playground area.  The Nature Center is full of plants and trees native to Wisconsin and consists of pathways, a bridge and a "Story Walk" that ends in a reading nook used for outdoor circle times and snack.  The Nature Center is utilized year round for some outstanding outdoor experiences!

K.    Plan for early morning and late afternoon:

1.      Breakfast rooms are available 6::30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

2.      Supervised play until pre-school session starts.  Gross motor and quiet choice areas are available.  

3.      After rest time in the afternoon (approximately 3:00 pm) children are grouped by age for quiet activities, snack, outdoor/active play and freedom to select their own activities with supervision.

4.      Outdoor or gym time is planned into the afternoon schedule for all full day children.

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Child Guidance Policy 

The philosophy of Children's Community Center is that all guidance procedures are designed to help the child develop internal controls - self-discipline and respect for the rights of others.  A child's self-esteem shall be maintained and inappropriate behavior will be handled through redirection and positive guidance.  

Guidance measures used for all ages are as follows:

  1. Child shall be assisted by teacher to follow through on directive.
  2. Child shall be redirected to another activity or area.
  3. Children are given many opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperating, negotiating and talking with the person involved to solve interpersonal problems. Teachers facilitate the development of these positive social skills at all times.
  4. There is ongoing communication with parent regarding behavior and development.  Conferences can be requested at any time.

Days Closed Policy 

Children's Community Center is closed for 9 paid holidays for staff, those being New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day.  There may be an additional floating day/days to be determined. 

Nutrition Policy

Because young children are in process of developing life-long eating habits, CCC works to establish good nutritional eating patterns.  Socialization is encouraged during snack and meal time.  

 Breakfast Policy

Breakfast may be served between 6:30 am and 8:00 am.  Parents may provide a breakfast for their children, including items that need to be warmed.  CCC provides 2% milk.


Lunch Policy

Children may bring a lunch from home, consisting of a protein, fruit and vegetable.  CCC provides 2% milk.

A Hot Lunch program is available for purchase, catered from Aldo's in Germantown.  Cost of Hot Lunch is $2.85 per meal and will be billed to your families account at the end of each month.  For more information, please stop in the office..



  1. Bottles of milk/formula will be provided by parents. (If your child is drinking milk form a bottle, it is the parent's responsibility to provide this milk, whatever type it may be. 
  2. All jars of baby food will be provided by parents. [back to top]