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Our General Philosophy Behind All Our Programming

The attitudes we strive to develop in the children we care for are:

  • A positive self image.  Each child needs to know that they are accepted, cared about, and a worthwhile person.
  • A respect for others.  The differences in people are "interesting" and enhance the growth of people and are something to learn more about.
  • An "Interest in all things" objects, subjects, people.
  •  "self control" - self discipline
  • An "understanding of their feelings" and how to cope with them.
  • An ability to "trust adults" in order for that to occur adults need to be trustworthy. 
  • A "positive work attitude and habit" Teachers provide a very structured program in which children are assigned tasks that can be successfully accomplished. 
  • A "joy of accomplishment" 
  • A "willingness to try new things"
  • A "positive pattern of social interaction" with peers and adults alike. 
  • An ability to "be flexible".

Because young children learn by involvement and by experiencing these situations, these basic attitudes are lived in our classrooms, through the experiences planned by the teacher.  Our teacher's develop theme based curriculum every week their lesson plans are approved by the director. 

Our theme based curriculum follows the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. The WMELS are intended to provide early learning opportunities that support children's continued success in school and future life.  To learn more about WMELS go to www.collaboratingpartners.com/EarlyLS.htm.  



All infant care is based on each child's individual schedule; teachers spend one-on-one time with each baby every day. Baby's go to our infant and toddler gross motor room each day.   There they play on the soft climbing stairs and slide.  When they are developmentally ready they can ride our riding toys, drive cars, push popping toys and play in our loft area.  Infants also are given opportunities for outdoor play experiences daily (weather permitting).  Our outdoor play area is equipped with an infant playground swing, grassy area with play houses and a canopy covered Soft-Tile patio.  Teachers also work with infants on sign language. 

Your baby's day is all recorded for you on a white board in the room.  When you pick up you can see when your child ate, slept, had his/her diapers changed and all the other special things they did throughout the day.

Each infant room is equipped with:Nancy and Derek.jpg

  • Large windows to let in natural light
  • kitchen area with refrigerator, microwave and full sink
  • diapering area with it's separate sink
  • a separate sleep area
  • comfortable rocking chairs so teachers can feed and care for your child just like home
  • infant swings
  • exersaucers
  • many toys to capture their attention and stimulate their growing mindsMatt 1st birthday.JPG

Parents supply:

  • Diapers, wipes and ointments
  • Baby cereal and jar food
  • Formula or breast milk
  • A crib sheet and blanket for naps
  • Spare change of clothing 



Toddler days are filled with lots of fun and age appropriate activities.  Toddlers spend time each day in our large and small gross motor rooms as well as in our outside grassy play yard weather permitting.

Teachers follow a theme/play based curriculum. Activities include hands on experienceJustin.JPGs in:

  • Language/Literacy:  reading, letter identification, sign language, dramatic play
  • Math:  sorting, grouping, charting, counting,  
  • Science:  exploring the natural world and a variety of sensory items in the interest table.
  • Art:  gluing, coloring, painting and experiences in other mediums.
  • Gross motor:  climbing, running, biking, playing games, kicking and throwing balls and parachute play
  • Fine motor:  small manipulatives, puzzles, block building, and play dough

Other areas of development emphasized are:

  • Social skills
  • Self care skills
  • Potty training under parents direction

Each of our toddler rooms are equipped with separate sleep areas for your child to nap, large tables for snack time and lunch.  A variety of age appropriate toys are available for free play to stimulate imagination and socialization.  



Our experienced teachers provide a rich environment that will help create life long learners.  We follow a guided play based curriculum, in order to give children the opportunity to explore and experience the world around them.  Daily outdoor opportunities include play in our large, fenced in playground and exploratory walks in our 2-acre Nature Center.  We also have a beautifully decorated Play House with a paved track and ride on vehicles that extend the children's opportunities for gross motor activities!

                    Alex bubbles.JPG          big_out1.JPG

Developmental areas programmed to are:

  • Gross Motor:  hopping, skipping, jumping, bouncing, throwing, climbing and catching balls
  • Fine Motor:  block building, puzzles, beads and pegs, coloring,  painting and drawing, writing
  • Language:  follow a sequence of directions, understand and relate stories, speaking in complete sentences, letter & number recognition, and opportunities to explore books.  
  • Math:  sequencing, charting, number recognition
  • Social Skills:  playing social games, problem solving and negotiating skills, ability to be flexible
  • Self Care Skills:  independence in dressing, bathrooming, hand washing, mealtime are stressed. 

Each classroom has centers that are developmentally appropriate , such as...

  • Science CenterChris- Devin.JPG
  • Math Center
  • Writing Center
  • Free Art Center
  • Dramatic Play Center
  • Block/Building Center
  • Sensory Tables

Teachers develop weekly Themed Lesson Plans, based on the

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Examples include...


Ethan - Jenna.JPG

  • I'm Very Special!
  • Community Helpers
  • Nutrition  
  • Transportation
  • Music & Movement
  • Changing Seasons
  • Health and Safety
  • DinosaursClaire.JPG
  • Farm Animals
  • Space
  • Pets
  • Day & Night Animals



We have a school age program for children five years old through twelve years of age.  Bus service to and from Menomonee Falls schools is available.  We offer all day care for your child any day school is not in session, such as Winter and Spring Breaks and Teacher Inservice Days. 

Each child needs to develop an understanding of self and others.  Learning how to express oneself and interact with peers is very important to the school-age child.  It is also essential for school-agers to develop relationships with others outside the normal school setting. It is for this reason we encourage cooperative activities, self awareness, responsibility, conversation and cultural awareness. 

Your children will enjoy many activities while with us.  During our school age care time we offer a quiet time when children can relax and unwind after a full school day.  We provide children with a snack, and homework time if needed.

24 lego table 2.JPG










Other activities include:


  • Books
  • Board Games
  • Art Activities
  • Lego's
  • Puzzles
  • Dramatic Play
  • Gross Motor Activities in our gym and/or in our large outdoor play yard

The most important part of the School Age classroom is the teacher.  We constantly strive to improve each teacher's effectiveness, because the quality of the teacher determines the quality of the program!  We are very proud of our School Age programming!  Come check us out and see the difference CCC offers! 


4K Wrap Around Program 

Children's Community Center provides wrap around care for children in the Menomonee Falls School District 4K Program.  Bus service to and from Menomonee Falls Schools is available. 

We offer full day care for your child whenever the public or private schools are not in session, such as Winter & Spring Breaks and Teacher Inservice days. We strive for consistency when staffing our programs.  You can feel assured your child is being cared for by well qualified, dedicated personnel who have a commitment to not only CCC but your child as well!    


St. Mary's Parish After School Care

Children's Community Center teachers provide after school care at St. Mary's from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Snack, homework time and free choice activities are provided.

On days off of school and during the summer you will be given the opportunity to sign up for care, which is provided at our main location on Christman Road, from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.